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Gruppo Aturia pumps

The oldest pump manufacturer in Italy tracing it's routes back to 1889

Gruppo Aturia employs over 250 people at it's four manufacturing facilities in Italy and France and has recently absorbed the entire workforce of Caster Pumps. The group operates across a range of sectors namely water and waste water treatment, general utilities supplying pumps for irrigation and municipal water transfer, power generation, numerous process industries and the oil/gas sector.

The Aturia product range has become quite extensive and they now offer:

- DIN 24255 pumps.
- Multi-stage booster pumps.
- ISO 2858 process pumps,
- Split case pumps (both horizontal and vertical),
- Mixed flow pumps,
- Submersible pumps,
- A wide range of magnetically driven pumps
- API 610 and API 685 pumps.
- Fire fighting systems.

18 series from 1 manufacturers

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