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Pumps selection: Questions + Answers = Solution

Monday, June 1, 2009

Selecting the most appropriate positive displacement pump technology for a specific application in the chemical and petro-chemical industries should always involve the pump supplier asking questions about the properties of the pumped media and the production processes in which the pump is to operate, and for the customer to provide a detailed response.

Too often, this is not the case which is why pumps fail, production time is lost, valuable raw materials and finished products are wasted and overall plant operating costs escalate.
One of the reasons why this scenario happens is because operators who may have been using a certain pump technology for several years are often reluctant to make changes. As a consequence, alternative pump technologies are rarely considered and a detailed discussion about the application/duty requirements does not take place. When a whole new plant is being designed and commissioned the opportunity is there to look at all options and to give consideration to aspects such as operating efficiency over the long term.
One course of action to adopt when looking at pump selection, whether it is for an existing or a new plant, is to work with a fluid engineering specialist which understands fluid dynamics and is not tied to a single pump technology or brand. Such a specialist is AxFlow.
Introducing AxFlow
The AxFlow Group, headquartered in Sweden, is the largest distributor of positive displacement pumps in Europe. With operating companies in more than 20 countries and a Distribution Centre in the Netherlands, it is able to ship pumps and other equipment from stock to customers within 48 hours anywhere in Europe.

Representing world-leading manufacturers of fluid handling and associated equipment, AxFlow's engineering resources add considerable customer value based on extensive experience across a broad range of industries. These resources are supported by the capability to provide fast and reliable deliveries and technical consultancy services. AxFlow's ambition is quite clear: it aims to meet the needs of local industry while at the same time offering a single strategic distribution and customer service solution across Europe.
The positive displacement technologies that are available from AxFlow include: AODD, Progressive Cavity, Metering/Dosing, Vane, Gear, Rotary Lobe pumps and Hose pumps - each with its own specific advantages. For this reason AxFlow's engineers are able to present a balanced view and opinion on what pump is the best for the application and the customer's requirements.
In order to be a true provider of fluid handling solutions the Company also includes mixing technology as well as instrumentation and analysis equipment within its product portfolio.
The wealth of international experience contained with AxFlow places it in a position where it is able to assist and guide companies in the selection, specification, installation and maintenance of fluid handling systems. Many fluid handling problems arise simply because the pumps are neither designed nor suitable for applications and/or conditions for which they have been selected. In AxFlow's experience, it is the application that will always determine the type of pump to be used.



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AxFlow is active all over Europe and specializes in the marketing, distribution and provision of a complete sales engineering service for high quality, market leading fluid handling equipment. AxFlow's high standards of technical competence, service and integrity have contributed to steady growth since its establishment in 1989 and form the basis for future development. AxFlow represents world leading manufacturers of fluid handling equipment, and together we offer the highest value to customers. AxFlow's philosophy is to continue to enhance the range and scope of services, and to offer customers full commitment and value from one source. The AxFlow Group has an annual turnover of EURO 140 million (2008) and 400 employees and is a subsidiary of Axel Johnson International AB, Stockholm, Sweden.

Axel Johnson International markets and distributes components, systems and customer related solutions to industrial companies, local distributors and agents. The company consists of five business areas: Forankra, AxFlow, AxIndustries and AxImage. The group of companies has an annual turnover of EURO 640 million and is represented in some 20 countries in Europe. Axel Johnson International is a part of Axel Johnson AB, owned by Antonia Ax:son Johnson and family.

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