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AxFlow GB: Extensive pump refurbishment in London

Monday, January 12, 2015

The impounding pumping system at the UK port of Tilbury in London have been running for almost 50 years.

But when a regular inspection revealed that there was a need for closer inspection AxFlow was asked for consultation.

The existing four pumps were installed in the late 1960s. At any one time three pumps are used, pushing up to 6,000 litres a second of abrasive seawater for 2 hours. AxFlow got the engineering and logistical challenge to refurbish one of the pumps, weighting up to 40 tonnes. After a transport of 200 miles to AxFlow's service base the pump was stripped down and thouroughly instpected by AxFlow technincians. We found that there were considerable damage to the pump...

Here is the full story published by "Working with water" and "World pumps"