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Mid Certified Methanol Transloader Unit


Customer: “VK Terminal Services” Ltd

Location: Ventspils city, Latvia

Year of installation: 2023

Scope of supply: Design and manufacture of transloader unit

Case details:

“VK Terminal Services” operates various chemical tank storages. “AxFlow Latvia” were asked to design mobile transloader for custody transfer of Methanol.

Objective is fluid metering and transfer from storage facilities directly to tank trucks.

Dedicated metering capability is in flow range between 10 to 100 m3/h.

“AxFlow Latvia” designed a transloader unit which consists of frame based pumping and metering equipment located on two axle trailer.

Fluid enters transloader unit via flexible hose connected by Kamlok coupler. Then it passes through the basket type strainer to rotary vane pump. Pump delivers fluid further to positive displacement meter which is connected to truckloading preset controller “Multiload II” from “TopTech”. Controller, on a basis of information received from meter and other safety/control instruments adjusts a flow path through the digital control valve. Truck tank is connected with Transloader unit by use of “OPW” 4 inch HST-type bottom arm.

CMM-1M-SPM Transloader unit main features:

  • MID 2014/32/EU Certified for custody transfer
  • Suitable for use in Atex zone I
  • Grounding verification with rack monitor
  • Controller based, automated process
  • Remote access to truckloading controller via GSM
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