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Hayward Gordon


The Hayward Gordon  ChopX pump is a durable pump built with case hardened steel wetted parts to 650 BHN. This centrifugal pump combines chopping and pumping to provide efficient solutions to difficult situations in one heavy-duty long-lasting pump. 

The XCS screw centrifugal pump is the ideal pump for handling both RAS - a vital part of the water treatment process – and WAS, which is excess material in the wastewater treatment system. It provides the gentle action required to maintain the biological floc that is the essential ingredient in the activated sludge treatment process. 

The Torus Recessed Impeller pump is a vortex style recessed impeller pump designed to handle the most difficult applications like grit and sludge pumping.  The recessed impeller design and Super Ni-Hard cast Iron (650 BHN) construction ensures a long service life even under the most demanding pumping applications, such as grit.  A reusable and replaceable wear plate protects the pump casing from the extreme wear associated with pumping grit 


For over 60 years Hayward Gordon has worked closely with their customers to develop exceptional products and tailored process pumping solutions. Hayward Gordon designs and manufactures pumps that handle the most severe or demanding of applications. They manufacture screw centrifugal pumps, chopper pumps, recessed impeller pumps and submersible pumps.   

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