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MANTECH is a leading manufacturer of automated and manual systems for biochemical oxygen demand analysis, multi-parameter and titration analysis of soil and water samples.

What makes Mantech special 

MANTECH's laboratory, online, and portable systems offer user-friendly interfaces and provide rapid, precise results, minimizing or eliminating the need for harmful chemicals. These solutions contribute to sustainable water quality practices and are trusted in over 52 countries. MANTECH systems conduct extensive sample analyses daily, serving environmental and soil laboratories, industrial and municipal wastewater facilities, pulp and paper mills, food and beverage manufacturing plants, as well as municipal drinking water treatment plants. 

Specializing in water and soil testing, MANTECH manufactures analyzers with a commitment to delivering top-quality results swiftly, utilizing eco-friendly methods through intelligent and straightforward analyzers. By doing so, our customers experience significant positive economic and sustainable impacts on their businesses and communities. 

 Why buy Mantech from AxFlow 

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