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Sundyne engineers and manufactures centrifugal pumps and compressors for oil and gas processing companies, chemical and petro-chemical industries, power generation, general industry and engineered water.

What makes Sundyne Special  

Sundyne, tracing its roots to 1905, evolved into a leading aircraft engine component manufacturer, with notable innovations like the water injection pump for commercial jets and high-speed centrifugal pumps. In 1970, Sundstrand Fluid Handling introduced the Flodyne pump, precursor to the Sunflo line, marking international expansion. Over the years, Sundstrand's commitment to environmental responsibility drove advancements in sealless pumping technologies. 

Key 1990s acquisitions, including HMD Sealless Ltd. and ANSIMAG, strengthened Sundstrand. In 1999, United Technologies acquired Sundstrand, renaming it Sundyne Corporation. Under BC Partners and The Carlyle Group, Sundyne focused on refining its product portfolio. In 2020, Warburg Pincus acquired Sundyne, aligning interests to enhance global presence, improve customer service, and develop the product line. Sundyne remains a global leader in process industry solutions, with a promising future. 

Sundyne is one of the few companies that design & manufacture both Pumps and Compressors.  Through organic & inorganic growth, Sundyne has assembled industry-leading brands that provide customers with a wide range of fluid and gas handling services and solutions. Brands like Ansimag, HMD Kontro and Marelli have broadened the original Sundyne portfolio for a wider range of markets. Sundyne equipment can be built to most standards, including ANSI, ISO and API, and the line of Sunflo products offers non-standard solutions for a range of general industrial applications. 

Why Buy Sundyne From AxFlow 

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