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URACA has been developing and manufacturing motor-driven high pressure pumps for over 120 years. The core is a series of high pressure plunger pumps for operating pressures up to 3,000 bar / 43,500 psi and driving powers up to 2,600 kW / 3,485 HP.

What makes Uraca Special 

URACA, a pioneering force in high-pressure technology for over 130 years, specializes in the development and manufacturing of high-pressure and ultra-high-pressure pumps. Based in Bad Urach, this Swabian family business has globally deployed its pumps for various high-pressure applications, proving their reliability over the years in manufacturing, production, and cleaning processes. 

The commitment to quality places URACA at the forefront of the industry, maintaining Germany as its production hub and ensuring an exceptional level of vertical integration. The company's ethos blends traditional values like reliability with cutting-edge technology, presenting URACA as the ideal partner for high-pressure solutions. 

As a leading manufacturer, URACA's expertise revolves around motor-driven high-pressure pumps with capabilities extending up to 3000 bars, capacities reaching 5000 l/min, and motor sizes of up to 2000 kW. This German powerhouse seamlessly combines a rich history, technological prowess, and a future-oriented outlook, making URACA the perfect choice in the realm of high-pressure technology. 

Why Buy Uraca From AxFlow 

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