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Lime Dosing

Dosing and metering lime milk and limestone slurry are common applications in industries such as water treatment, wastewater management, and flue gas desulfurization processes.

Dosing and Metering Lime Milk and Lime Slurry

Lime milk, a suspension of calcium hydroxide in water, and limestone slurry, a mixture of crushed limestone and water, are vital components in various industrial processes. Handling these substances efficiently is paramount, and that's where we excel. At AxFlow, we understand the challenges associated with pumping lime milk and limestone, offering innovative solutions to meet your unique needs.

Understanding Lime Milk and Limestone:

  • Lime Milk: This chemical suspension plays a pivotal role in water treatment, neutralizing acidic effluents and adjusting pH levels. It’s also utilized in the construction industry for soil stabilization and as a building material.
  • Limestone Slurry: A versatile mixture, limestone slurry is extensively used in flue gas desulfurization processes, where it removes sulfur dioxide from industrial emissions. It’s also vital in agriculture as a soil conditioner and in the production of lime-based products.

Challenges in Pumping Lime Milk and Limestone:

Pumping lime milk and limestone slurry comes with its share of hurdles, including clogging due to lime deposits and solid particles, abrasive wear on pump components, and the corrosive nature of lime milk. Ensuring consistent viscosity is also crucial for accurate dosing. Addressing these challenges requires specialized expertise and reliable equipment, both of which we provide at AxFlow. Common difficulties and challenges when handling lime milk and limestone slurry include

  • Clogging: Lime deposits or solid particles in the slurry can clog the pump, leading to reduced flow rates and efficiency.
  • Abrasive Wear: Abrasive particles in the slurry can cause wear and tear on pump components, affecting performance.
  • Chemical Corrosion: Lime milk can be corrosive, leading to deterioration of pump materials if not properly addressed.
  • Inconsistent Viscosity: Changes in slurry viscosity due to variations in lime concentration or temperature can impact dosing accuracy.

At AxFlow, we specialize in overcoming the challenges associated with pumping lime milk and limestone. Our cutting-edge solutions guarantee precise dosing and efficient handling, empowering industries to thrive sustainably. Explore our services today and experience the difference expertise makes.