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Pumping Cryogenic Liquids

Pumping cryogenic liquids demands a level of precision and expertise that goes beyond the ordinary. The challenges presented by these ultra-cold, low-viscosity fluids require specialized solutions. AxFlow steps into this demanding arena with a wealth of experience and an extensive range of magnetically driven and canned pumps.

Challenges in Pumping Cryogenic Liquids

Handling cryogenic liquids poses unique challenges due to their extreme cold temperatures and thin, low-viscosity nature. These fluids, such as hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, argon, and liquefied hydrocarbons like methane or natural gas, demand specialized equipment and precise handling techniques. AxFlow, with its extensive expertise and a wide range of magnetically driven and canned pumps, excels in addressing these challenges, ensuring safe and efficient pumping of cryogenic liquids.

  • Extreme Cold Temperatures: Cryogenic liquids are maintained at temperatures below minus 150°C, demanding pumps capable of withstanding and operating in such frigid conditions without compromising efficiency.
  • Low Viscosity and Poor Lubrication: Cryogenic fluids are thin and lack proper lubricating properties, making it essential to choose pumps that can handle these low-viscosity substances effectively.
  • Limited NPSH (Net Positive Suction Head): Cryogenic liquids typically have very little NPSH available due to their low specific gravity (SG) and the nature of their storage. Pumps must be capable of operating efficiently even with minimal NPSH.
  • Risk of Gas Escape: As liquid gases, cryogenic fluids can turn into gas even with the smallest break in the pump's containment shell. Ensuring airtight containment is critical to prevent gas escape and maintain the integrity of the process.

Handling Cryogenic Liquids

  • Specialized Pump Selection: AxFlow offers a range of magnetically driven and canned pumps specifically designed for handling cryogenic liquids. These pumps provide airtight containment, preventing gas escape and ensuring safe handling of the fluids.
  • Expertise in Cryogenic Fluids: With over 30 years of experience, AxFlow's international team comprises experts in cryogenic fluid handling. Their deep knowledge and insights enable the selection of the most suitable pumps and techniques for efficient and secure operations.

Examples of Cryogenic Liquids and Related Applications

  • Liquid Hydrogen: Utilized in rocket propulsion, fuel cells, and scientific research, requiring precise handling for space exploration and clean energy applications.
  • Liquid Oxygen: Essential in medical breathing gases, steelmaking, and water treatment, where purity and efficient transfer are paramount.
  • Liquid Nitrogen: Commonly used in cryopreservation, food freezing, and medical applications, necessitating careful handling to maintain product integrity.
  • Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG): A vital energy source for various industries, including power generation, transportation, and heating, demanding secure and efficient transportation and storage solutions.

The expertise of AxFlow's international team, combined with a diverse range of specialized pumps, ensures the safe and efficient handling of cryogenic liquids. With a focus on airtight containment and precise pump selection, AxFlow sets industry standards in the secure transfer of these extreme-temperature fluids, enabling advancements in scientific research, clean energy, and various industrial applications.