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Pumping Gels

Delving into the intricate world of pumping gels unveils a realm of sensitivity and precision. At AxFlow, we understand the unique challenges posed by these substances. Shear sensitivity, temperature fluctuations, hygiene demands – each aspect requires careful consideration

Challenges in Pumping Gels

Pumping gels demands a meticulous approach due to their extreme sensitivity to both shear and temperature. These unique characteristics pose significant challenges, necessitating precise techniques to maintain gel integrity and performance during the pumping process.

  • Shear Sensitivity: Gels exhibit high sensitivity to shear forces, requiring pumps that can consistently deliver a low shear rate. Any excessive shear can alter the gel's structure, affecting its properties and effectiveness.
  • Temperature Variability: Gel properties are highly influenced by temperature fluctuations. Careful temperature control is essential to prevent changes in the gel's consistency, ensuring it maintains the desired properties during pumping.
  • Hygiene Requirements: Many gels demand a high level of hygiene, making it imperative to prevent any contamination from the external atmosphere. Seal arrangements and pump components must be carefully designed and maintained to uphold hygiene standards.
  • Cleanability and Maintenance: Easy cleanability and maintenance are vital aspects when handling gels. Pumps should be designed for effortless disassembly and cleaning to prevent residual buildup, ensuring consistent performance.

Handling Gels

  • Specialized Positive Displacement Pumps: AxFlow's diverse range of positive displacement pumps, including hose, rotary vane, eccentric rotating, and various diaphragm pumps, provide tailored solutions for pumping gels. These pumps offer the low shear rate necessary to preserve gel structure and consistency.
  • Precise Temperature Control: Utilizing pumps equipped with temperature control mechanisms ensures that gels are handled within their specific temperature tolerance range. Maintaining a consistent temperature prevents alterations in the gel's properties.
  • Hygienic Seal Arrangements: Implementing hygienic seal arrangements is essential to prevent external contamination and maintain the gel's purity. AxFlow's pumps are designed with meticulous attention to seal integrity.

Examples of Gels and Gel Related Applications

  • Personal Care Products: Hair gels, skincare products, and toothpaste formulations.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Gel-based medications and topical treatments.
  • Food Industry: Gelatin desserts, gelled sauces, and confectionery products.
  • Medical Imaging: Gel-based ultrasound gels used in medical diagnostics.
  • Industrial Processes: Gels employed in various chemical processes and lubrication applications.

Pumping gels requires a blend of precision and expertise. AxFlow's wide array of positive displacement pumps, combined with our focus on low shear rates, temperature control, hygiene, and maintenance, ensures the seamless handling of gels. Through meticulous design and careful consideration, we provide reliable solutions that maintain the integrity of gels across diverse applications, setting new standards in gel pumping technology.