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The fluid handling equipment you choose will, inevitably, impact the bottom line. But the true cost is not always obvious.

What are the right questions to be asked?

It's not just about acceptable expected life of equipment, seals, filters and other components, it's about looking at those factors in the context of your process.

Looking at the process as a whole, and the role of your pumps and mixers within that process, enables you to look at the real cost of ownership.

We can help you plan your service needs and schedule preventive maintenance to minimize down-time and bottlenecks.

With service contracts we will keep track of service intervals and overhaul inspections and replacements of warn parts. Rangeing from preventive service contracts including planned service visits to full service concept including 24/7 alert.

  • Services & preventive maintenance contracts
  • Emergency contracts
  • Inspection contracts
  • Try-out products
  • Prolonged warranty check-up after 12 months operation
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