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At AxFlow we can offer training within different areas - from fluid dynamics, through positive displacement pump technologies down to hands on training, fault detection and pump maintenance and repair.

The training can be either at your site or at our facilities. We can tailor the training program to your needs from basics to an advanced level.

Product and maintenance training

What pump do I use for different fluids? Training in different pump technologies from basic knowledge to advanced training with maintenance training.

Tailored training

Do you have specific educational needs? We can tailor sessions according to your requirements.

Fluid handling and process knowledge

Why do we always ask what you are pumping? It's about fluid dynamics and understanding the fluid and its characters. How does a fluid react when pumped? What role do viscosity, density, pressure, temperature play in the pump selection process.


We arrange seminars to suit your needs. It could be to show or introduce a new product that you have never used before or seminars in operation, maintenance and safety.

The pump university

Do you want to be a pump and fluid handling expert? With our training program you can start your journey and learn whenever suited.

To start with, we ask what you are pumping
  • What factors do you need to consider when you pump a fluid?
  • Is it shear-sensitive?
  • How viscous and abrasive is it?
  • Temperature and flow rate?
  • Where does the pump fit in the process?
  • What are the safety and environmental protection issues?
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