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AxFlow - Keeping your processes running

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

AxFlow Holding AB is launching a new marketing campaign to assist companies in the chemical processing industry sectors identify and select the most appropriate fluid handling technologies for critical control points where fluids are pumped, mixed, injected and filtered.

There are many applications and processes within chemicals processing that require precision engineered pumps and metering systems that move, measure and dispense high value liquids and solids. With its many years of experience in providing fluid handling solutions for processing plants including chemicals, surface coatings, personal products, fertilisers, plastics and pigments, AxFlow is ideally qualified to give both practical advice and specify the most appropriate technologies.

"With this campaign, we are setting out to raise the key issues that address the selection of fluid processing equipment and its impact on and contribution to efficient plant operation," says Olga Krejci Halkovova, Marketing and Communications Director. "We have developed an information package dedicated to the requirements of the many industry sectors within chemicals processing and this is being launched at Achema. In this package, we have illustrated the critical points where AxFlow can make a positive contribution through its extensive portfolio of products and services."

AxFlow has been at the forefront of providing fluid handling solutions for several decades and today it is Europe's leading distributor of positive displacement pumps. However, that is not the complete picture as the Company has extensive interests in other aspects of fluid processing technologies including mixers and analytical instrumentation for process control.


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AxFlow is active all over Europe and specializes in the marketing, distribution and provision of a complete sales engineering service for high quality, market leading fluid handling equipment. AxFlow's high standards of technical competence, service and integrity have contributed to steady growth since its establishment in 1989 and form the basis for future development. AxFlow represents world leading manufacturers of fluid handling equipment, and together we offer the highest value to customers. AxFlow's philosophy is to continue to enhance the range and scope of services, and to offer customers full commitment and value from one source. The AxFlow Group has an annual turnover of EURO 140 million (2008) and 400 employees and is a subsidiary of Axel Johnson International AB, Stockholm, Sweden.

Axel Johnson International markets and distributes components, systems and customer related solutions to industrial companies, local distributors and agents. The company consists of five business areas: Forankra, AxFlow, AxIndustries and AxImage. The group of companies has an annual turnover of EURO 640 million and is represented in some 20 countries in Europe. Axel Johnson International is a part of Axel Johnson AB, owned by Antonia Ax:son Johnson and family.

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