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Agrometer A/S, Danish manufacturer specialized in rotary lobe pumps and applications for irrigation, clean water, slurry and all kinds of wastewater.

What makes AgroMeter Special

Since 1977, AgroMeter has been a trailblazer in advanced pumps and applications, transforming irrigation, clean water, slurry, and wastewater management. Agrometers unwavering commitment to excellence drives them to continually develop solutions that enhance their operations. 

Agrometer stands for quality and performance and is the preferred choice across various sectors globally, including agriculture, municipalities, manufacturing, and marine industries. 

In the realm of agriculture, AgroMeter excels in slurry handling and irrigation solutions. They boast Northern Europe's most extensive range of irrigation parts, complete with all necessary accessories from pumps to irrigation machines. There innovative self-propelled slurry spreader offers unparalleled benefits, including extended spreading periods, reduced manpower requirements, and minimal environmental impact. 

Furthermore, AgroMeter delivers robust solutions for slurry separation and long-distance slurry pumping. Embrace AgroMeter for dependable, proven, and innovative solutions tailored to meet your specific requirements. 

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