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Since the 1930s, Bungartz have specialised in the design and manufacturer of problem solving pumps which can self regulate their flow and therefore cope with varying suction conditions and ultra low NPSHa.


In order that Bungartz's technically excellent products to maintain the high quality, they leave nothing to chance. They prefer to revert the experience gained over decades, deep know-how, constant further development and distinctive pioneering spirit. Naturally, they also regularly go through a complex inspection by means of a quality management system. The result: the certification ISO 9001. 


Bungartz manufactures self-regulating centrifugal pumps, specifically the V-AN type, supplied by AxFlow. These pumps are highly adaptable, capable of adjusting to variable inlet flow rates effortlessly and self-regulating as needed for various tasks. Their unique design ensures an almost zero NPSH value, making them resistant to cavitation even under extreme conditions. The pumps feature a hydrodynamic seal as the primary seal and offer flexibility with secondary seal options like packed gland, double mechanical seal, double seal expeller, or magnetic drive, depending on the pumping medium. Bungartz pumps are ideal for applications involving media at boiling point, fluctuating inlet flow rates, gas-containing liquids, drainage in containers, vacuum filters, centrifuges, distillation columns, evaporation plants, and waste containers. These pumps offer advantages such as no need for regulation, reduced height, no suction vessels required, self-regulation, self-ventilation, safe dry running, reliability, and overall reduction in plant costs. 


Bungartz are a specialist pump manufacturer who developed the Hydrodynamic/expeller sealing principle. Now better known for the AN range of self-regulation pumps which eliminate need for level control instrumentation and can solve problems with applications with very poor suction conditions/low NPSHA. AxFlow provides the service to offer these pumps for our customers who are specifically in need of self-regulating Bungartz pumps. Click here to watch the same pump in action.