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With core competences in the field of non-invasive flow measurement using the ultrasound transit time principle, the Company offers systems and components for medical and non-medical uses. 

What makes EM-Tec Special 

For more than 30 years, EM-Tec has been developing and manufacturing components, products, and customer-specific solutions for non-invasive flow measurement in medical and bioprocess engineering. 

Their technology uses the ultrasonic transit time method. As experts in sensor technology and established partner for contract developing in medical engineering, EM-Tec are also global market leaders in the field of non-invasive flow measurement for heart-lung machines. 

EM-Tec is part of PSG, a Dover Company, and is based in Finning, Germany. They manufacture on-site and have a modern and innovative development team. 

Why buy EM-Tec from AxFlow 

AxFlow specializes in providing fluid handling equipment catering to an extensive range of industries and applications. At AxFlow, clients benefit from personalized guidance offered by seasoned process engineers and access to cutting-edge process technology equipment from global industry leaders. Should you require assistance in selecting the ideal pump for your specific requirements, our team of experts and engineers stands ready to assist with advice on selection, specification, installation, and maintenance. Don't hesitate to reach out for tailored support.