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Finish Thompson

Finish Thompson provides barrel and polymer centrifugal sealless magnetic drive pumps highly effective in chemical and aggressive fluids handling applications.

What makes Finish Thompson special 

From its beginning in 1951 as a designer and builder of custom decorating equipment, to its current position as a growing supplier of fluid transfer pumps and recycling systems for the fluid handling and environmental markets, Finish Thompson has proven to be highly intuitive in projecting and reacting to changing market demands. Finish Thompson is a team of dedicated associates deeply committed to customer satisfaction and expansion of their technologies in the worldwide corrosive fluid handling markets. 

American-made Finish Thompson pumps offer unprecedented reliability and quality. Our complete vertical integration provides a full line of sealless chemical transfer pumps, from centrifugal and air-operated double-diaphragm pumps to drum and container pumps. 

What does Finish Thompson Manufacture 

Industrial process pumps from Finish Thompson are designed and manufactured in accordance with the ISO9001 standard. Finish Thompson's centrifugal pumps include magnetic drive pumps, vertical pumps, multistage pumps used in the food industry, and pumps made of plastic or stainless steel with mechanical seals for corrosive environments. 

Finish Thompson also offers barrel pumps in various sizes and constructions, utilized in the transfer of acids, chemicals, solvents, and high-density products. 

Why buy Finish Thompson from AxFlow 

AxFlow offers fluid handling equipment for the widest range of industries and applications. Only at AxFlow do you receive individual advice from industry-experienced process engineers and the selection of the world's leading process technology equipment. Do you need support in selecting the right pump for your needs? Do not hesitate to get in touch. AxFlow's experts and engineers can provide guidance for selecting, specifying, installing, and maintaining your pump.