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La Fonte

La Fonte is today well known for its handling, filtering and purification equipment for corrosive liquids, specializing in PCB industry and in the electroplating sector.

What makes La Fonte Special 

La Fonte originated in 1975, driven by the foresight and creativity of its two founding partners who aimed to meet the increasing market demand for filter systems. 

Today, La Fonte enjoys international recognition for its product offerings designed for the handling, filtration, and purification of corrosive liquids, especially in industries like galvanics, goldsmithing, and printed circuit boards. Additionally, La Fonte excels in producing systems for the recovery of precious metals. 

The company's technical team oversees the entire design process, and most components are assembled in-house. This approach ensures constant and meticulous control of every detail, maintaining a high standard of quality for La Fonte's products. 

Why buy La Fonte from AxFlow 

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