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Storm Water

In the face of nature's unpredictability, managing storm water is not just a task—it's a vital responsibility.

Efficient Storm Water Management

Storm water, nature's unrelenting force, often requires meticulous handling, especially in areas prone to flooding or heavy rainfall. It refers to rainwater that does not get absorbed into the ground and flows across surfaces, often accumulating in low-lying areas, posing risks to both urban and rural environments. Storm water management is a critical challenge, demanding efficient pumps capable of transferring vast volumes of water at low differential heads. At AxFlow, we provid solutions that navigate these challenges with finesse.

Challenges in Handling Storm Water

  • Volume and Speed: Storm water can surge rapidly, requiring pumps that can swiftly move large volumes of water to prevent flooding and minimize damage.
  • Variable Water Characteristics: Storm water isn't just rain; it carries debris, silt, and sometimes contaminants. Pumps must handle varying water compositions and materials effectively.
  • Shallow and Brackish Water: Storm water pumps are often situated in shallow water courses and brackish water, demanding pumps capable of operating in such environments.

Mastering Storm Water Handling

  • Advanced Pump Technologies: Our range of storm water pumps includes submersible borehole pumps and high-volume submersible pumps designed for efficient water transfer even in challenging conditions. These pumps are constructed with materials like stainless steel and duplex, ensuring durability in different water characteristics.
  • Tailored Configurations: From mixed flow to radial flow borehole pumps and axial flow pump options, we offer a variety of configurations. These pumps can discharge up to 144,000 m3/hr and handle heads of over 200 m, ensuring reliable performance in varying storm water scenarios.

Applications of Storm Water Pumps

  • Urban Drainage Systems: Storm water pumps prevent urban flooding, ensuring water is efficiently diverted away from residential and commercial areas.
  • Agricultural Land: Storm water management in agricultural fields prevents waterlogging, ensuring crops are protected during heavy rains.
  • Industrial Facilities: Industrial sites are vulnerable to flooding; storm water pumps safeguard equipment and maintain production schedules.
  • Emergency Flood Response: During natural disasters, storm water pumps play a vital role in emergency response, mitigating flood damage and protecting communities.

At AxFlow, we offer storm water pumps that redefine efficiency in managing nature’s surge. Our pumps are not just tools; they are guardians, protecting communities, industries, and environments from the relentless force of storm water.