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Pumping High Temperature Oils

Navigating the complexities of handling high-temperature oils requires precision and expertise. At AxFlow, we specialize in providing innovative solutions for pumping thermal oils, ensuring efficiency and safety even in the most extreme heat conditions.

Challenges in Pumping High Temperature Oils

Pumping high-temperature oils demands advanced solutions, especially when dealing with extreme heat. AxFlow rises to the challenge with a diverse range of magnetic drive pumps and canned pumps, capable of withstanding temperatures soaring up to 450°C. These pumps are engineered to excel in pumping thermal oils, offering reliability and safety in even the hottest applications.

  • Extreme Heat Endurance: High-temperature oils can reach scorching temperatures, demanding pumps designed to endure and operate efficiently under these extreme conditions without compromising performance.
  • Preventing Cavitation: Cavitation poses a significant threat when the oil temperature nears its boiling point. Applying adequate pressure is crucial to prevent cavitation and maintain the pump's functionality.
  • Minimizing Seal Face Flashing: Flashing at the seal face is a common issue when handling hot oils. Utilizing cooling techniques and pump designs that ensure higher pressure around the seal can effectively minimize this problem.

Handling High Temperature Oils

  • Magnetic Drive and Canned Pumps: AxFlow offers a wide array of magnetic drive pumps and canned pumps specifically engineered for handling high-temperature oils. These pumps provide a secure containment system, preventing oil leakage and ensuring safe and reliable operations.
  • Innovative Cooling Solutions: Implementing innovative cooling methods, such as jacketed pump casings and efficient heat exchangers, helps maintain the pump's temperature within optimal ranges, enhancing performance and durability.

Examples of High Temperature Oils and Applications

  • Heat Transfer Fluids: High-temperature oils serve as heat transfer fluids in various industrial processes, including chemical manufacturing, pharmaceutical production, and food processing, ensuring precise temperature control.
  • Thermal Power Plants: Thermal oils are utilized in power generation, acting as a medium for transferring heat from the fuel to water, driving turbines, and producing electricity efficiently.
  • Plastic and Rubber Industries: These oils are integral in molding processes for plastics and rubber, maintaining specific temperatures to ensure the proper shaping and curing of materials.
  • Oil Refineries: High-temperature oils play a vital role in refining crude oil, enabling precise temperature regulation in distillation towers and catalytic cracking units for efficient petroleum processing.

AxFlow's range of magnetic drive pumps and canned pumps, specifically engineered for high-temperature applications, guarantees reliable and safe pumping of thermal oils. By addressing challenges like cavitation and seal face flashing, AxFlow ensures seamless operations in critical industrial processes, empowering various sectors with optimal temperature management and process efficiency.