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Pumping Molasses & Syrup

Sugar-based products such as molasses and syrup stand as versatile ingredients with diverse applications, ranging from culinary delights to industrial processes. However, their high viscosity and susceptibility to crystallization present distinct challenges during pumping.

Challenges in Pumping Molasses & Syrup

Pumping molasses and syrup, sugar-based products, presents specific challenges due to their high viscosity and potential crystallization issues. Handling these substances demands careful consideration of their unique properties to ensure efficient transfer. AxFlow recognizes the complexities involved and offers tailored solutions to navigate these challenges effectively.

  • High Viscosity: Molasses and syrup often exhibit high viscosity, making them challenging to pump with conventional methods. Specialized pumps are required to handle their thick consistency.
  • Crystallization Concerns: Sugar-based products are prone to crystallization, especially when exposed to certain conditions. Crystallization can cause blockages and affect pump performance, requiring pumps capable of handling such issues.

Handling Molasses & Syrup

  • AxFlow provides advanced pumps, including circumferential piston, lobe, and eccentric rotating disc pumps, designed specifically to handle high-viscosity substances like molasses and syrup. These pumps feature angle-fed and sealed designs to cope with crystallization challenges, ensuring smooth pumping operations.
  • Circumferential piston and Twin Screw Pumps are good selections thanks to their slow, precise pumping action and hygienic designs. These pumps are ideal for tackling the challenges posed by molasses and syrup, ensuring efficient and consistent transfer.
  • Feeder Systems: When molasses and syrup reach extremely high viscosity levels,  feeder systems come into play. These systems facilitate the feeding of sugar-based products, enabling seamless pumping even under the most challenging conditions.

Examples of Molasses & Syrup and Related Applications

  • Molasses: A byproduct of sugar refining used in various industries, including animal feed, fermentation processes, and food production.
  • Maple Syrup: A natural sweetener derived from maple tree sap, widely used in the food industry, especially in pancake syrups and confectionery.
  • Corn Syrup: A common ingredient in processed foods, baked goods, and beverages, serving as a sweetener and enhancing texture.

Molasses and Syrup Related Applications

  • Food Industry: Molasses and syrups are integral ingredients in the food industry, utilized in baking, sauces, marinades, and desserts.
  • Beverage Production: These products find applications in beverage formulations, including soft drinks, flavored water, and alcoholic beverages.
  • Pharmaceuticals: In pharmaceutical formulations, molasses and syrups are used as excipients, enhancing the taste and palatability of oral medications.

In summary, the successful pumping of molasses and syrup requires specialized pumps capable of handling high viscosity and crystallization challenges. AxFlow's range of pumps, including circumferential piston, lobe, and eccentric rotating disc pumps, along with feeder systems and precision-designed pumps, ensures the smooth transfer of these sugar-based products. Through meticulous engineering and tailored solutions, AxFlow guarantees optimal performance and reliability in molasses and syrup pumping applications.