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Pumping Solvent

Solvents, characterized by their flammability, corrosiveness, and low viscosity, require careful consideration and specialized equipment to ensure safe and efficient operations. AxFlow offers a comprehensive range of magnetically driven and canned pumps designed specifically for solvent applications.

Efficient Solvent Handling

Handling solvents demands precision and safety due to their unique challenges. Solvents are typically highly flammable, reactive with oxygen, corrosive, and toxic. Moreover, they often have low viscosities, making pump selection critical. AxFlow, the european leaders in chemical pumping, offer a wide range of magnetically driven and canned pumps. These solutions provide reliable, leak-free, and high-containment transfer of solvents, ensuring secure operations in various industries.

Examples of Solvents

  • Acetone: Commonly used in nail polish remover, paint thinner, and as a solvent in various chemical processes.
  • Benzene: Found in the production of plastics, synthetic fibers, and as a component of gasoline.
  • Ethanol: Widely used in alcoholic beverages, pharmaceuticals, and as a solvent in laboratories.
  • Hexane: Applied as a solvent in the extraction of edible oils from seeds and vegetables.
  • Propanol: Used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, as well as for cleaning.
  • Toluene: A common solvent in paints, coatings, and adhesives.
  • Xylene: Utilized in printing, rubber, and leather industries.

AxFlow's solvent transfer pumps ensure the safe and efficient handling of these challenging chemicals, offering secure containment and leak-free operations for various applications.