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To produce soaps and detergents successfully relies on gentle, low shear pumping and mixing action along with the accurate repeatable volumes when dosing.

Liquid detergents contain a combination of soap, surfactants and other ingredients such as perfume and water. The production of liquid detergents usually consists of two phases – pre-mixing and ingredient mixing. The first stage consists of neutralizing fatty acids with either caustic soda or potassium hydroxide. The soap and surfactants are gently mixed together making a base product. In the second stage – the mixing – other ingredients such as caustic soda, sulphonic acid, perfume, and water are added and mixed at a high temperature.

In the production of detergent powders, methods such as spray drying, agglomeration, and dry mixing are used where dry and liquid ingredients are mixed together.

We source a wide range of positive displacement and metering pumps for transfer and dosing applications as well as a wide range of mixers and valves. AND we have the skills and experience in building complete preparation and dosing systems.

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