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Demanding processes with high quality requirements

The application always decides which type of pump to use!

Many fluidhandling problems arise due to the fact that the existing pumps are not designed for or suitable for the process or application they were installed in.

After having defined the characteristics of the pumped media, other parameters need to be considered -

  • Pump capacity
  • Pump pressure
  • Temperature
  • Flow characteristics
  • Vapor pressure
  • Dry matter content
  • Corrosiveness
  • Oxicity
  • Hygiene 

The correct material is chosen with respect to the pumped media characteristics. Within the Food & Beverage industry, the choice of material is particularly important, since compliance with EHEDG-, FDA- and 3A-regulations is a basic requirement.

Pumped media which contains a high proportion of large solids is a common problem in need of close attention in the various steps of food processing. The solids must be pumped without causing damage to the the solid particles and without detriment to the pump itself. Another factor that needs to be considered is high accuracy when adding or dosing processing ingredients.

The consequences of making a wrongful choice of pump, can be recurring downtime, repair and maintenance costs and an excessive need of spare parts. It can also result in unnecessarily expensive and complex plant installations due to a need for control, monitoring and safety devices that provide additional maintenance costs. There is a risk that an inferior product will be produced, but worst of all are the potential health and safety risks.

Pumps that have been designed for specific purposes with sometimes higher initial costs, can often pay for themselves through simpler and cheaper installations that provide lower maintenance costs and higher plant availability in applications that would be considered demanding for more general pump designs. For the customer and / or the end user, all assistance that pump suppliers can provide to establish a greater understanding of what is required when it comes to pump selection should be welcome.

That is what AxFlow are here for!

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