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Shredding solids effectively and efficiently in sewage treatment plants

Disinfectant wipes thrown into toilets represent a real challenge for wastewater treatment professionals. Find out how AxFlow can help you with its muncher solutions. Reliable and efficient waste shredders from NOV Mono designed for grinding solids present in a liquid effluent can turn the challenge into smoother processes. 

Due to incorrect disposal, foreign objects such as wet wipes, disinfectant wipes and disposable gloves often get into the channels and cause blockages in pumps or lifting stations. This can lead to major problems for sewage treatment plants. With the munchers from NOV Mono, AxFlow offers efficient solutions to keep operational safety at the highest possible level.

The munchers are a simple remedy to avoid clogged pumping stations and thus increased service calls. The operating costs for the munchers are low and the investment can pay for itself in a short time, since fewer service calls are necessary.

Again and again, the Muncher family from NOV Mono proves that it is the effective answer to problems:

• the protection of pumps against blockages and damage by foreign objects
• the economical shredding of separated solids.

The Muncher family is able to shred various types of solids effectively and efficiently.

Almost all Munchers are suitable for installation in ducts as well as in pipes.

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