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Cooling Water

Cooling water is one the most common and varied applications for pumps. Because of our large range of process pumps AxFlow is able to offer pump solutions for applications of temperatures a low as - 150 deg C along with products to all manner of approval including DIN 24255, ISO 2858, magnetic dive and canned pumps. With several ranges of axial flow and mixed flow pumps we can also offer cooling water pumps for high volume applications in the chemical process, power generation and offshore industries.

Turning old into new

Over the long term pumps inevitably display signs of wear because it is almost impossible to design a pump that is free from operational deterioration. Wear has an adverse influence on the performance...

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Finding long term solution to pumping problems saves you money

Entek, an international manufacturer of lead-acid battery separators is making massive savings in energy costs at its European plant, after having changed the type of pumps used for cooling water...

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Using snow to cool Oslo Airport

Ensuring passenger comfort in airport terminals is a goal that all airport operators strive to achieve, but the process of delivering heating and cooling can be expensive and have an adverse...

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