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fluidity.nonstop fluidity

Oil, fat, sauce and mayonnaise

Careless processing, excess speed or inexact ingredient distribution can all lead to major product losses.

Few areas in food production can be as subject to the laws of Newtonian fluid dynamics as this. Understanding how fluids behave under pressure can save money.

In your process you need to:

  • maintain the temperature and homogeneity of the product throughout the whole process
  • achieve crystallization and plasticization at the exact time
  • be sure you have total reproducibility, especially in high volume production
  • keep the changeover and maintenance time to the minimum

We represent the very leading brands in dispersion equipment, grinders, heat exchangers, instrumentation and analysis equipment, metering and dosing systems, mixers, pumps, valves, fittings and tubing. Not least, this also includes our engineering expertise and know-how.

UAB Flow Technologies