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Heat Exchangers

Heat Exchangers

Heat exchangers are advanced heat transfer systems designed to transfer thermal energy between two liquid or gaseous media. The two media flow separately through the heat exchanger, which ensures optimal temperature level control through special design features. 


Heat exchangers operate on the principle of indirect heat transfer. In this form of thermal convection, two media flow separately through the heat exchanger. Heat-conductive materials made of metal separate the two streams, allowing efficient temperature exchange between the two media.


  • Efficient thermal convection between two media 
  • Spatial separation of the two media by conductive materials 
  • Temperature control through cooling or heating 
  • Space-saving design with high efficiency 
  • Low maintenance requirements 


Indirect heat exchangers vary fundamentally depending on the industrial process and conveying medium. Common heat transfer systems include plate heat exchangers and scraped surface heat exchangers. 

Plate Heat Exchangers 

Plate heat exchangers consist of several specially shaped metal plates arranged sequentially. Sealed gaps between the plates are alternately traversed by the primary and secondary media, facilitating heat transfer. These heat exchangers, with features like electropolished surfaces, special seals, and components made of high-quality stainless steel, are suitable for processes with high hygienic requirements. 

Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers 

Scraped surface heat exchangers consist of a cylindrical housing whose outer walls can be heated or cooled by a secondary medium. When the product is heated or cooled, its viscosity can change significantly (e.g., thicker when colder). These heat exchangers are equipped with a rotating shaft with scrapers. During operation, the product is scraped off the heated or cooled walls by the scrapers, preventing product adherence to the walls. Simultaneously, the shaft creates turbulence in the product, ensuring uniform attainment of the desired temperature. 

Tube Heat Exchangers 

Tube heat exchangers are another widely used type of heat transfer system. In these exchangers, multiple tubes are arranged in a specific pattern within a shell. One fluid pass through the tubes, while the other flows around the outside of the tubes within the shell. This arrangement maximizes the surface area for heat exchange, allowing efficient transfer of thermal energy between the two fluids. 


In the food industry, heat exchangers are used to extend the shelf life of food products. Media such as juice and milk can be pasteurized through heat exchangers, reliably eliminating microorganisms and pathogens. 

In processes of the chemical industry, heat exchangers are used for temperature control. Process technology enables the heating, cooling, condensation, as well as the evaporation and separation of aggressive media like sulfuric acid or ammonia. 

In pharmaceutical applications, hygienic heat exchangers maintain a constant temperature level throughout the entire manufacturing process. Electropolished surfaces, stainless steel components, and the possibility of standardized cleaning procedures ensure the highest safety in hygienic industrial applications. 


Are you looking for professional advice or do you have questions about heat exchangers? The dedicated team at AxFlow is here to assist you. Our specialists have extensive experience and knowledge in the field of heat exchangers. We are here for you, ensuring that you receive the best solution for your requirements. Feel free to get in touch with us. 

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