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Johnson Pump

SPX Process Equipment Ltd (formerly JP Pumps Ltd), part of the American based SPX, markets a complete range of Johnson Pump centrifugal and positive displacement pumps.

What makes Johnson Pump Special 

Founded in 1968 in Örebro, Sweden, Johnson Pump has become a global powerhouse in the manufacturing of industrial products. With state-of-the-art facilities in Belgium, India, the Netherlands, and Poland, the company has established a reputation for precision and reliability. 

In 2006, Johnson Pump became an integral part of SPX Flow, a leading manufacturer of advanced process solutions, dosing and mixing systems, pumps, mixers, valves, and accessories catering to diverse sectors including pharmaceuticals, sanitation, industrial, marine, and power plants. 

What Johnson Pump Manufacture 

Centrifugal Pumps: Centrifugal pumps, known for their efficiency and versatility, are a cornerstone of Johnson Pump’s offerings. These pumps, available in various configurations, excel in transporting fluids across a broad pressure and flow range. Johnson Pump boasts several centrifugal pump series, many of which adhere to stringent ISO, DIN, and API standards. 

Positive Displacement Pumps: Johnson Pump’s positive displacement pumps offer unparalleled flexibility in fluid transport. The gear pumps handle everything from thick substances like chocolate to light oils. Lobed rotor pumps, easy to clean and gentle on products, find their niche in sensitive fluid transport, from adhesives to whole strawberries. Additionally, flexible impeller pumps exhibit exceptional suction capabilities, capable of handling solid particles. Their applications span across industries, offering reliability and efficiency. 

Advantages of Johnson Pump 

  • Durable Build: Johnson Pump’s pumps are fortified with robust hard metal coatings, ensuring longevity even under challenging conditions. 
  • Low Noise Operation: Specially designed impellers reduce noise levels, enhancing workplace environments. 
  • Customized Design: Tailored pump housings for circulation pumps, coupled with externally mounted heat exchangers, ensure safe handling of hot water applications. 
  • Enhanced Flow Characteristics: Innovative multilobe designs facilitate uniform flow, minimizing pulsations, and reducing resonance in pipelines, making them ideal for transporting various fluids, from sausage meat to thin liquids. 

Why buy Johnson Pumps from AxFlow?

Centrifugal Pumps are the most common and well-established pumps on the market. They come in many different models and can transfer fluids with high efficiency over a wide range of flows and pressures. Johnson Pump offers several series of centrifugal pumps, many of which comply with ISO, DIN and API standards.

Johnson Pump's Combi system is a modular programme of centrifugal pumps with a high degree of interchangeability of parts between the different pump constructions.

Gear pumps are used in all types of manufacturing industries for the transportation of both thin and thick liquids, from choccolate to diesel fuel. Our gear pumps have sturdy design, offering high reliability as well as long life.

Choose AxFlow as your pump expert; we will select the right pump for your processes and install it for you. Additionally, we can offer a full service program to ensure that your processes keep running!

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