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Solids Ladened Liquids

We offer both centrifugal pumps and many different types of positive displacement pumps for liquids with solids across Ireland.

Axflow has a range of different pump technologies for liquids that contain solids.  Here are some specific applications that we specialise in:


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Anaerobic Digestion

The solids loading and rheological properties of the slurry found in anaerobic digestion plants are extremely variable making anaerobic plants a difficult pumping application.

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Prepared Foods

Pumping prepared foods is an extremely exacting business due to the variety of prepared foods, the sensitivity of their construction and the cost.

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China Clay Slurry

China clay slurry is a very demanding liquid as it contains high levels of abrasive particles.

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Animal Waste

AxFlow offer a range of pump types for animal waste

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Fruit and vegetables

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Eoin Cahill
Water & Waste Water, Power generation, Construction & Mining
Brian Coleman
Food & Beverage Sectors.
Ken McSweeney
Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Chemical and Petrochemical Sectors.

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