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NOV | Mono Pumps

Progressive Cavity Pumps such as Mono pumps from NOV are designed to handle abrasive slurries, viscous and shear sensitive liquids as well as multi-phase mixtures. They are the pumps of choice when the application requires high suction lift. 

NOV offers a wide mix of products that covers a large range of applications and industries. Mono Pumps is the name of NOV’s fluid handling solutions covering a variety of liquids, heads and flow rates demanded by several different industries worldwide. Some of the industries that Mono Pumps have solutions for are Water & Waste Water, Chemicals, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, and Oil & Gas Mining and Minerals Processing

ProgressivE Cavity Pumps

Mono pumps are progressive cavity pumps or PC pumps as it's also called. The progressive cavity principle is designed for handling sludge or slurries, different phase mixtures or when significant suction lift capabilities are required. It is designed as a combination of a rotary pump and a piston pump. There is a screw-like rotor inside a stator, where the pumped material fills the cavities and progresses as it rotates. This enables pumping of products that contain solids such as waste water and other slurries, but also products that need very gentle handling. This is why NOV Mono pumps come in such a varied range of models. The different Mono pump series as well as other equipment that are part of the Mono brand are described below.

Mono EZstrip Family

EZstrip is a family of products within the Mono pump brand. They have become known for being very easy and fast in the maintenance phase with their Maintenance-in-Place regime. The EZstrip pumps are progressive cavity pumps with various specifications that all follow this regime, that cleaning and maintenance is possible without disassemblying the entire pump. What used to take a full working day can now be done in 30 minutes. Read more about the EZstrip family and their specifications here.

EZstrip Transfer Pump

The EZstrip Transfer Pump is the one the outmost easy maintenance-in-place mechanism. The whole pump can be disassemblied in 2.5 min without interfering with the piping at all. It is a development of the previous NOV Mono Compact C series, and can therefore be retro-fitted into their existing plants. Cleaning can be done in-situ with no disconnecting of pipework or suction. The EZstrip Transfer Pump has the widest range of applications, from food and beverage applications such as sauces and fruit juices where the solid parts need to be gently treated, to paper, agricultural slurries, and sludges.  

Mono Epsilon

The Mono Epsilon range is designed specifically to endure high pressure and volumes, which gets rid of the need to put pumps in a series and can pump over longer distances. This range of Mono pumps is designed to have as small spare requirements and low whole life costs as possible. It has a block construction that minimizes the overall dimensions, and they can be installed both horizontally and vertically. Read more about the Epsilon series here.

Mono Munchers


Besides pumps, Mono also offers munchers as a compliment to the pumps in several series. They are commonly used in the waste water industry for hard sludges and such, and protect your Mono pumps from blockages. They are slow speed and high torque munchers that grind solids such as plastics, fibrous materials, and brittle materials into smaller pieces before they reach the pump. 

The series of Mono munders include Mono A Muncher that is proven to efficiently macecrate raw sewage and sludges, the Mono SB Muncher known for its compact size and high efficiency compared to high speed macecrators, and the Mono TR Muncher  designed specifically for efficient macecration fo abrasive sludges. 

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