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NOV | Mono Pumps

NOV Mono are leading progressing cavity pump manufacturers

Which applications and industries do NOV Mono cover?

NOV offers a wide mix of products that covers a large range of applications and industries. Mono Pumps is the name of NOV’s fluid handling solutions covering a variety of liquids, heads and flow rates demanded by several different industries worldwide. Some of the industries that Mono Pumps have solutions for are Water & Waste Water, Chemicals, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, and Oil & Gas Mining and Minerals Processing

why buy NOV Mono products from AxFlow?

You can rely on AxFlow to select the right product and dimension the equipment in your process. Additionally, AxFlow can perform installation and service of your equipment to keep your processes running. 

what other NOV Mono equipment can you buy from AxFlow?

Besides pumps, Mono also offers munchers as a compliment to the pumps in several series. They are commonly used in the waste water industry for hard sludges and such, and protect your Mono pumps from blockages. They are slow speed and high torque munchers that grind solids such as plastics, fibrous materials, and brittle materials into smaller pieces before they reach the pump. 


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