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Chocolate Pumps

At AxFlow, we bring you a delectable solution for your chocolate production needs. Indulge in our top-quality chocolate pumps sourced from the world's finest manufacturers. With our expertise, you can bid farewell to unexpected production stoppages and ensure the smooth flow of your chocolate creations.


Chocolate, a beloved treat worldwide, poses unique challenges during production. Its delightful taste hides a demanding nature, especially on equipment. The presence of abrasive ground cocoa bean residues often leads to damaged seals and worn-out rotors in chocolate pumps. But worry not; we have the perfect solutions tailored for this decadent delight.

Choosing the Best Chocolate Pumps

Chocolate's rich history spans decades, and our expertise has evolved alongside it. We have carefully selected the most effective and durable pumping solutions for chocolate production.


Our best-selling food pumps stand tall as the ideal choice for chocolate. These pumps boast the highest food certification and are meticulously designed for this delightful concoction. The key lies in the precise selection of the seal and pump drive. Running at a slow pace reduces pressure and minimizes abrasive effects. Our pumps are equipped with specialized seals, such as o-rings or double mechanical seals with flushing, ensuring impeccable performance.


Why Choose AxFlow

  • Premium Quality: Our chocolate pumps are sourced from the world's best manufacturers, guaranteeing exceptional quality and durability.

  • Expert Know-How: Rely on our extensive expertise to eliminate production hiccups and maintain the smooth flow of your chocolate operations.

  • Tailored Solutions: We understand the complexities of chocolate production. Our pumps are meticulously designed to handle every nuance, ensuring your creations are as delightful as they are intended to be.


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