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Hygienic and food grade pumps

AxFlow are established leaders in the field of hygienic pumps for food and pharmaceutical applications.


There are many different levels of "hygienic" or "santiary" when it comes to pumps. These range from standard pumps that use FDA approved materials, pumps that are constructed to be easy to disassemble and cleaned through to pumps with internal designs that make it difficult for bacteria to find surfaces on which to breed. EHEDG and 3-A certfication provide assurance that a pump's design is truly hygienic.

Sanitary pump designs concern themselves with three main areas:

  • component profiles that have no flat surfaces or crevices.
  • Polished surfaces
  • Internal designs that allow them to be cleaned in place (CIP).


AxFlow boasts the widest range of food grade and hygienic pumps in Ireland. Our range includes many hygienic centrifugal pumps, brewery pump models for use as high viscosity pumps. AxFlow are the official distributor for APV within the Food & Beverage Industry.

  • AxFlow have over 50 years of experience when it comes to hygienic pumps.
  • AxFlow has the widest range of hygienic pumps so we'll offer you the correct pump for the job.
  • AxFlow are experts at the repair of sanitary pumps.
  • We hold stocks of many of the most popular hygienic pump types.

Our hygienic pump portfolio covers low shear rotary lobe and eccentric disc pumps, three ranges of food grade AOD pumps, hygienic stainless steel centrifugal pumps, and vane pumps specifically designed to pump chocolate. AxFlow offers many EHEDG pumps and 3A certified pumps as well as pumps using FDA and EC1935 approved materials.

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