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Peristaltic pumps in surface coating

The peristaltic pumps from realAx transport and dose water-based colors for surface coating in fiber cement boards manufacturing.

Peristaltic pumps in the manufacturing process of color-coated surfaces

The composite material consists of different components such as binders, fillers, and synthetic process fibers. The combination of various materials, along with a water-based surface coating, protects the material from environmental factors like UV radiation and weathering. Fiber cement products are well-suited for insulation, cladding, and fire protection of buildings due to these properties. After autoclaving, the cured boards are provided with a surface coating. In this process step, the realAx peristaltic pump was successfully integrated. The pump gently and reliably conveys the abrasive color mixture to the coloring system, which sprays the boards on the top and bottom with paint.

Advantages of peristaltic pumps with roller technology in color conveyance

Peristaltic pumps with roller technology impress with reliability in continuous operation, outstanding dry running capability, reversible conveying direction, a flow rate of up to 42m³/h, and an integrated rotor bearing that protects the motor and gearbox from axial and radial forces. The significant advantage over other conveying technologies is that the hose is the only component in contact with the conveyed medium. Fluid-induced wear on sealing and rotating components can thus be reliably prevented.

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