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Oil pumps

AxFlow offers an extensive portfolio of pumps for pumping oils of all kinds. Trust on our experience in the field and let us choose a pump tailored to your application!

Seamless Oil Pumping with AxFlow

With our extensive experience and a diverse range of pumps, we specialize in pumping oils of all kinds. Trust in our expertise, and let us tailor a pump specifically for your application needs!

Pumping Oil

Pumping oils is a breeze due to their inherent lubricating properties. At AxFlow, we understand the practical nature of oils and have mastered the art of selecting pumps that complement these properties. A well-chosen oil pump ensures a prolonged operational lifespan and infrequent servicing, making it a valuable asset to your setup.



Gear pumps stand out as the go-to choice for oil pumping. Known for their cost-effectiveness, gentle pumping action, and versatility in handling both low and high viscosities, gear pumps are a universal solution for various oil applications. At AxFlow, we exclusively offer oil pumps from industry legends, Viking, and other manufacturers, ensuring exceptional performance and durability.


Ideal for lower viscosity oils, centrifugal pumps in our selection is tailored for efficient oil pumping. These pumps deliver reliable performance, ensuring smooth operations even with oils of lower viscosities.


Hot oils require specialized handling, and our hot oil pumps are designed to meet these unique demands. Equipped with extended chambers featuring ribs, these pumps maintain a safe distance between the pumped medium and critical components like bearings and seals. This design shields them from excessive thermal stress, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.

Why Choose AxFlow

  • Expert Selection: Rely on our expertise to guide you toward the perfect pump tailored to your specific oil pumping needs.

  • Quality Assurance: Our pumps, sourced from industry-leading manufacturers, guarantee reliability, efficiency, and long-lasting performance.

  • Custom Solutions: We understand that every application is unique. Our tailored pump solutions ensure seamless integration and optimal efficiency for your oil pumping requirements.

Ready to enhance your oil pumping processes? Partner with AxFlow for superior pump solutions that optimize efficiency and ensure consistent performance.

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