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Peristaltic hose and tube pumps for process and food industry applications. These pumps utilise both the roller and shoe technolgies.

realax is a new force in the fluid handling industry. Bringing a new open-mindedness, dynamism and dependability to pumping. With a new, comprehensive range of Petristaltic pumps for handling an extraordinary range of media and drawing on vast industry and application experience, realax is what you need when you need peace of mind pumping.

We introduced hose pump technology to Europe. For 35 years we've been helping apply the technology across the whole process industry in Europe. In any number of different applications. With dependability, with precision, with simplicity and with the ability to handle even shear-sensitive media have made hose pumping the technology of choice time and time again.

Shoes or rollers?

The shoe option is preferred for higher operating pressures (up to 16 bar) but it can also create more frictional heat than the roller design. Rollers mounted on bearings compress the hose. Less friction and mechanical stress is produced and pressures of up to 8 bar can be supported. With both shoe and roller technologies, the realax pump range addresses high and low pressure pumping requirements.

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