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Our Solutions to Your Applications

AxFlow are in the business of finding the best solution for your application. We know it's all about the details.

Thermal Service Fluids

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Hygienic and food grade Pumps

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Sensitive and Viscous Fluids

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Solids Ladened Liquids

We offer both centrifugal pumps and many different types of positive displacement pumps for liquids with solids across Ireland.

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Pumping corrosive and toxic liquids

AxFlow have probably the largest range of chemically resistant pumps and process pumps suitable for corrosive liquid transfer and handling toxic fluids in Ireland.

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Thin Liquids

Many processes involve thin liquids which provide low NPSH and lubrication.

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Dosing and Metering

AxFlow offers the largest number of pump types for dosing and metering applications in Ireland including peristaltic, gear, vane, ECP and diaphragm.

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Abrasive Liquids

Some of the most demanding liquids are those that contain abrasive particles.

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Specific Process Applications

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High Volume Water Transfer

AxFlow are able to offer pumps with flows up to 144,000 m3/hr. The AxFlow Product range includes bith large borehole pumps, high volume submersible pumps line shaft pumps and split case pumps...

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