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Gruppo Aturia

Part of the WPIL Pump Group, Gruppo Aturia consists of several well-respected pump brands and is the oldest Italian pump manufacturer having operated since 1890. Several years ago Gruppo Aturia re-employed the entire Caster Pumps workforce and released a one-to-one replacement product line.


Gruppo Aturia pumps manufacture submersible pumps, process pumps,firefighting pumps and surface pumps. Aturia has proven to be a 'leader' in the pump industry. 

Oil & Gas
Aturia have a wide range of API 610 and API 685 pumps including both horizontal and vertical ranges. Aturia are approved by all of the major oil companies.

Water Distribution
Aturia's range of pumps for the water treatment and drainage markets includes DIN, boiler feed, mixed flow, fully submersible, split case and axial flow pumps. Aturia are supplying all of the pumps for the Venice flood-defence scheme.

Nuclear Power
Aturia's subsidiary Rutschi invented the canned motor pump, they subsequently devoted themselves to their use for nuclear power stations. They have 5,000 pumps in operation around the world and supplied all of the pumps to all of the new generations of ERP reactors.

Chemical Process
Aturia offer ISO 2858/5199 pumps plus several ranges of magnetic drive pumps having incorporated the workforce of Caster Pumps a few years ago.


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