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Thin Liquids

Many processes involve thin liquids which provide low NPSH and lubrication

pumping thin liquids

There are many thin liquids such as condensate, LPG, CO2 and most of these applications are typified by low NPSHa and liquids that provide poor lubrication for the pump.

AxFlow have many pumps suitable for thin liquid duties available across Ireland that can operate with low NPSHa and cope with poor liquid lubrication.

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Low Viscosity Liquids

Low viscosity fluids present two main problems for general pumps; the first being liquid slippage and the second is lubrication. Because of our large range of products AxFlow Ireland offers a...

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At AxFlow Ireland we have a distinct range of different pumps suitable for pumping alcohol and available for order and fitting across the country.

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Ammonia is widely used as a refrigerant gas and has a low specific gravity and viscosity which can present particular problems for un-specialised pumps.

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Pumping LPG

Pumping LPG can be challenging to generalised pumps due to its low boiling point and low viscosity. At Axflow, we have specially selected the best range of products suited to pumping LPG.

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Ethanol Transfer

Pumps for Ethanol from AxFlow, the leading experts in chemical pumps in Ireland.

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Hexane Transfer

Pumps for Hexane from AxFlow, the leading experts in chemical pumps in Ireland.

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Refrigerants & Propellants

Refrigerants are usually thin non-lubricating fluids with applications often characterised by low NPSH so care should be taken when selecting the pump type and the model.

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Pharmaceutical, BioPharma, Chemical and Petrochemical Sectors

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