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Bran+Luebbe, an SPX Process Equipment operation, has been a worldwide leader in metering, analyzing and processing liquids for more than 75 years.

Reliable Process Equipment from metering pumps, process pumps, chemical injection apparatus, processing systems and multi-stream analyzing equipment, plus static and dynamic mixers.

Bran+Luebbe also supplies complete systems for very accurate in-line mixing and dosing of your product.

why buy Bran+Luebbe dosing pumps from AxFlow?

Bran+Luebbe serves a broad array of key industry sectors - including pharmaceutical, oil & gas, petrochemical, water treatment, chemical, paper manufacture, food/beverage production and utilities. ​ Through ongoing investment in industrial engineering innovation, Bran+Luebbe's engineering teams provide an industry-leading product to a global customer base. This includes standardized double diaphragm pumps with quick delivery, metering pumps, process pumps, chemical injection apparatuses, processing systems and multi-stream analyzing equipment, plus static and dynamic mixers. ​ ​AxFlow can select and dimension which Bran+Luebbe products you need as well as install and service your equipment. 

What makes Bran + Luebbe Special 

In the realm of industrial solutions, Bran+Luebbe stands as a beacon of trust and innovation. As I delve into the world of processing equipment, we are thrilled to introduce Bran+Luebbe, a name synonymous with unwavering reliability and cutting-edge technology. 

Within the expansive landscape of industries, Bran+Luebbe emerges as a steadfast partner, catering to crucial sectors such as pharmaceuticals, oil & gas, petrochemicals, water treatment, chemicals, paper manufacturing, and utilities. At the heart of SPX FLOW, Bran+Luebbe embodies a commitment to excellence, crafting a diverse array of solutions that redefine industry standards. 

What sets Bran+Luebbe apart is our unyielding dedication to industrial engineering innovation. Our team of experts tirelessly invests in creating industry-leading products, including standardized double diaphragm pumps, metering pumps, chemical injection apparatuses, processing systems, multi-stream analyzing equipment, and dynamic mixers. These solutions are not merely products; they are tailored experiences, meticulously designed to meet the unique needs of our global clientele. 

Our fluid handling solutions are more than just robust; they are the epitome of reliability. In the face of challenging industrial environments, our equipment shines brightly, effortlessly processing various liquid types. The brilliance of our designs lies in their ability to boost throughput, shorten measuring cycles, enhance accuracy, and maintain repeatability, all while reducing energy consumption and operational costs. 

What truly excites about Bran+Luebbe is our dedication to customization. Our modular solutions empower us to adapt and tailor our offerings precisely to your requirements. Whether you seek metering pumps for precise dosing, chemical injection apparatuses for intricate processes, or multi-stream analyzing equipment for in-depth insights, Bran+Luebbe is your answer. 

As I navigate the dynamic landscape of process equipment, I invite you to join me in exploring the exceptional offerings of Bran+Luebbe. Here, innovation meets reliability, and your industrial needs find their perfect match. Welcome to the future of processing equipment – welcome to Bran+Luebbe. 


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