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Wilden Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps

Wilden Pumps is the largest manufacturer of Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps and partnered with AxFlow they offer the best technical solutions to your Fluid Handling needs. Wilden pumps are known for their ability to at the same time be energy efficient, gentle towards the pumped medium, reliable, and easy to maintain. Following this, Wilden pumps are known for being able to handle solids in the pumps without any damage.

The wide range of Wilden series that include different constituting materials and series means that they are applicable across many different industries and areas of application. Some of these industries are food & beverages, water & waste water handling, and pharmaceutical industries.  

Air-Operated Double Diaphragm pumps

Air-operated (double) diaphragm pumps or AOD/AODD pumps as they are called are reliable positive displacement pumps where air works as the driving force. 

The Wilden AODD pump consists of two parallel chambers that are connected to each other via a shaft that makes them move simultaneously. One of each chamber’s walls is a diaphragm, that makes the chamber expand and retract as the shaft is displaced. So the liquid chambers are alternately emptied and filled by fluid that is drawn through a common inlet as well as discharged by a common outlet. The driving force in the workings of an AODD pump is compressed air, entering the area between the shafts.

pumping cycle of an Aodd PUMP 

A full cycle of the pumping mechanism of a Wilden AODD pump can be described as follows. The air valve directs pressurized air to the back of one diaphragm which creates a vacuum in the other chamber, dislocating the inlet ball valve and allowing the pumping medium to enter the camber. When air is directed in the opposite direction, the other chamber gets the same effect and allows fluid to enter. At the same time the first chamber’s vacuum disappears which means that the other ball valve is discharged, allowing the fluid to exit that chamber and thus exit the pump through the outlet. The same process occurs in both chambers, constituting a full cycle, but at different parts. The pump will continue to run until inlet air supply is interrupted.


The Wilden Pump is available in seven sizes (¼" to 4" inlet) for flows to 1040 liters per minute (275 gpm). A wide variety of construction options are available to meet virtually any application requirement. The Wilden pump can handle pressures up to 8.6 Bar (125 psig) and temperatures to 176.7° C (350° F). Materials of construction include:
Aluminum, Cast Iron, 316 Stainless Steel, Hastelloy®, Polypropylene, PVDF, carbon-filled Acetal, Teflon® PFA, and Teflon® PTFE.

High performance series

The Wilden Advanced™ series is created specifically to yield high performance and efficiency, of which the latter is becoming increasingly important in our world. The liquid path is redesigned in the Wilden Advanced™ series so that the friction is minimized and the output maximized.

Wilden also offers a series of pumps specifically designed for processes with high discharge pressures. This series, together with the Wilden Stallion™ series, are extra suitable to handle slurries and liquids containing solids.   

Hygienic application series

There are several series in the Wilden catalogue that are developed specifically for sanitary and hygienic purposes.

For example, the Saniflo™ series from the Wilden product line is developed specifically for sanitary process applications, to ensure that any guidelines in these areas can be met. Often that is linked to the cleaning process, and the Wilden Saniflo series offer pumps that enable both CIP (Cleaning-in-place ) and COP (Cleaning-out-of-place). They also have several different surface finishes for the pumps and such to make the process as smooth as possible.

The Wilden Advanced™ series also include a line of hygienic pumps, that are made of plastic. They can be put in cleanrooms where metal can be a liability in ion-sensitive processes, at the same time as they’re also very particle repellent. Being designed for optimum performance and efficiency, the Wilden Advanced™ plastic pumps are bolted in a way that makes sure the product is contained and runs perfectly throughout them.

Wilden PUmp Accessories

The Wilden line of pump accessories enhance and protect your liquid process as well as add value to it. Whether you need a surge dampener to minimize pressure fluctuation, or an electronic controller to automate your pumping process, these accessories allow your Wilden pump to easily adapt to your specific application environment.

One of the main pros of wilden pumps is that they can run dry for an extended period of time without any damage to the pump or parts of it.

Please click on the different Wilden pump series to learn more about them.  


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