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The Pulsafeeder Transfer Pump lines are designed for small heavy-duty process and chemical feed applications.

What makes Pulsafeeder Special 

Pulsafeeder Inc, a renowned name in continuous liquid transfer for six decades, has been a beacon of innovation and quality. Based in Rochester, New York, this American manufacturer constantly enhances its products, refines manufacturing processes, and develops new solutions, all aimed at striking the perfect balance between user needs and financially viable solutions. 

Pulsafeeder's leadership is a harmonious blend of centrifugal pumps offering high and enduring performance, tailored solutions for specific applications, innovative design, service quality, and continuous advancements in R&D and manufacturing processes. 

Pulsafeeder technology at its best 

Pulsafeeder's technology shines through in products like the ECO Gearchem and Isochem pumps. These pumps exemplify compactness, versatility, and quality, encapsulating the essence of Pulsafeeder's engineering prowess. Designed for dosing and transferring corrosive liquids of varying viscosity, these pumps find wide-ranging applications across industries like Chemical, Food, Refineries, Metallurgy, and Foundries. 

Every pump, manufactured to Pulsafeeder’s stringent quality standards, is crafted from precision investment castings. Standard materials include 316SS, Alloy 20, and Alloy C, ensuring durability and performance in challenging environments. 

Why buy Pulsafeeder from AxFlow 

As a Pulsafeeder distributor, AxFlow understands the significance of your specific application. We specialize in selecting the most suitable Pulsafeeder equipment tailored to your unique needs. Our commitment to providing swift, personalized service ensures that we are always by your side whenever you need assistance. 

Count on Pulsafeeder's unwavering commitment to fulfilling the fluid handling needs of its customers. With a legacy of positive experiences in thousands of fluid handling applications, Pulsafeeder and its dedicated distributors, like AxFlow, stand ready to serve you. 


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