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Magnetic Coupled Centrifugal pumps

The Verdermag series consists of mag drive centrifugal pumps that are sealless, hermetically closed centrifugal pumps. They are also available as chemical norm pumps and with ANSI and DIN specifications. The excellent corrosion resistance make the Verdermag glandless pumps a reliable pumping solution for applications in almost all areas of industry. Material choices such as PVDF, PFA and Silica carbide give great opportunities to use the mag drive pumps in the chemical and process industry. For the more common applications PP is a good price /quality alternative.

Verdermag Global metallic centrifugal pumps are synchronous magnet-driven seal-less pumps. The Verdermag Global is a range of pumps with utmost flexibility. These magnetic driven pumps are ideally suited to modern and heavy duty requirements.

Verdermag Global metallic mag drives can be used for a wide range of applications. The range covers flow rates from 1-70m3/h, with temperature form -20 to 200 °C. Operating pressures of 16 to 150 bar. Special mag drive pumps with specifications beyond these parameters are available on request. The Verdermag Global mag drive pumps are hermetically closed and therefore 100% leak free.

Advantages Verdermag drive centrifugal pumps

- Zero leakage (100% leak free)
- No mechanical seals or packed glands
- No external flushing systems
- Ensure a clean and safe operating environment, highly efficient
- Close coupled design
- No alignment required
- Increased Mean Time Between Maintenance