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Coolant pumps

At AxFlow we offers a wide range of cutting-edge coolant pumps tailored for a diverse range of refrigeration applications. With our expertise and comprehensive selection, we ensure seamless heat transfer in your cooling systems.

Understanding the Coolant Challenge

Coolants, are essential for efficient heat exchange, demand precision, and reliability in pumping technology. Overcoming high pressures and ensuring absolute tightness are paramount, preventing the escape of volatile coolants. Today, environmental consciousness drives the use of greener refrigerants, necessitating pumps that handle higher pressures and comply with stringent safety standards, often falling within ATEX zones.

Our Extensive Refrigerant Portfolio

At AxFlow, we specialize in a wide array of refrigerants, including HFCs like R23, R32, R134a, and ecological options like R1234yf and CO2 (R744). With a focus on environmentally friendly solutions, we also offer pumps for ammonia (NH3), ensuring your cooling systems align with modern sustainability standards.

Tailored Pump Solutions for Your Needs

Our portfolio encompasses gear pumps with covered mechanical seals, sealless piston-diaphragm pumps, and exclusive sealless centrifugal pumps with magnetic clutches for high flow rates. At AxFlow, we understand the unique requirements of every application. When you partner with us, expect customized pump solutions meticulously tailored to your specific needs.

Why Choose AxFlow

  • Expertise: Benefit from our profound knowledge of coolant pumps, ensuring you receive guidance and solutions based on industry best practices.

  • Comprehensive Selection: Explore a diverse range of pumps designed for various refrigerants, guaranteeing you find the perfect fit for your application.

  • Safety Compliance: Rest easy knowing our pumps adhere to stringent safety standards, including ATEX zones, ensuring your operations are secure and compliant.

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