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Water lubricant conditioning systems

AxFlow are world leaders in the manufacture of conditioning systems for water used to lubricate stern tube bearings and seals. Please contact our team for specialized help and advice for your pump and equipment selection.

Our WaterCyclone Systems remove solids of Specific Gravity over 1.15 and 25 microns or above in size, for water used to lubricate the stern tube bearings and mechanical shaft seals. Supplying high quality water to the stern tube bearings and seals greatly improves the reliability and mean time bewteen failure.


WaterCyclone Systems use a double pass as standard but can be configured as single or triple depending upon the vessel's requirements.
The Flow and Pressure of cleaned water delivered by each Water Conditioning System can be set to the required values specified by the seal and stern tube manufacturers by means of integral bypasses and return lines.
Just about any flow rate and pressure can be accommodated.
WaterCyclone systems are constructed to allow entry through
Pumps, cyclone separators, pipework, valves and control panels are supplied fully skid mounted and in a "Plug and Play" format for ease of installation.
Systems for Seawater are manufactured as standard in Copper Nickel, Aluminium Bronze and High Alloy Duplex Steel.
316 Stainless Steel is available for "Closed Loop" systems or, for "Open Loop" Systems processing fresh water such as that found in inland waterways.
Plastic construction is also available for installations where cost is a consideration and the system is not subject to such a rugged environment.

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