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Open Plant Cleaning now available from AxFlow

Thursday 22 February 2024

AxFlow takes great pleasure in announcing the onboarding of System Cleaners as a supplier on our website. System Cleaners, the globally leading manufacturer dedicated to boosting hygiene around the world by means of strong open plant cleaning solutions, has been a part of the AxFlow group since July 2021. 

Cleaning and sanitizing in the food and beverage industry are one of the cornerstones of producing a product which is safe for the consumer to eat or drink. Therefore, processors are and should be investing time and money to find the optimal cleaning solution that not only improves food safety and hygiene but also is efficient, sustainable, and user-friendly.  

From this point onward, our customers and partners will be able to request a quote directly on our website and buy the System Cleaners Open Plant cleaning solutions, thereby optimizing their cleaning processes, improving food safety, gaining HACCP compliance, production time, operational costs, and workplace safety.  

System Cleaners use proven low-pressure technology to clean and disinfect surfaces. In this process, water, detergent and disinfectants are applied to the process technology at low pressure. Low-pressure systems require fewer resources and generate less spray mist during the cleaning process. The risk of cross-contamination is effectively reduced.  

For an efficient, thorough, and reliable cleaning result, you can choose from simple, manual workstations to large, automated systems for process plants.  

All products are developed with the same aspects in mind: The hygienic and intuitive design, stainless steel components and high chemical resistance make the products as solid as they are user-friendly.  

The AxFlow Group is your first point of contact for the customized design of cleaning systems. We also support you with repair, installation, and maintenance of existing cleaning systems.  

AxFlow also has aEuropean Distribution Centerlocated in the Netherlands with more than 15,000 stored references that allows us to guarantee delivery times of yourspare partswithin 24 to 48 hours. We also have astock of standard pumps and valves available within 2-3 days.  

 For any request, you can reach us on: 

Phone: 01 8829864