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Oil and Gas

AxFlow offer a range of industrial pumps can be utilized for fluid transfer within the oil and gas industry.

AxFlow has been supplying pumps to the offshore and petrochemical sectors for over 50 years so we understand that it’s about safe liquid handling, reducing down time and lowering life cycle costs. With the largest pump range in Ireland, we believe that we can always offer the most suitable solution for every application.

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Separated Oil Pumps

Slops Tanks are often located in the lower sections of the rig and because of this Recovered Oil Pumps may need to cope with high heads, higher than normal viscosities and offer low shear pumping actions. AxFlow are in an almost unique position to offer both centrifugal and positive displacement pump solutions.

General Purpose Transfer Pumps

In addition to our very wide range of centrifugal and PD transfer pumps, AxFlow are the offshore sector’s leader in the supply and hire of air driven AOD pumps and specialize in the supply of ATEX compliant vane pumps for fuel transfer.

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Chemical Injection pumps

The definition of chemical injection varies greatly across the offshore and petrochemical sectors as different applications require different levels of accuracy, reliability and pressure. Consequently, we offer a range of pumps capable of dosing to different levels of flow and accuracy.

These range from AOD and precise metering pumps through to high pressure piston and plunger pumps.

Heating and Cooling

Heating and cooling systems come in many guises from heat transfer used in well fluid separation processes to HVAC systems used in accommodation blocks.

Axflow have pumps suitable for all of these different systems including cast iron water pumps, API 610/API 685 pumps along with turbine and rotary lobe pumps for low flow high head duties.

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Closed Drain Pumps

Closed drain pumps can see a wide range of liquids containing hydrocarbons, corrosive chemicals and solids. AxFlow have numerous pumps that can be fitted on closed drain tanks from air driven AOD pumps and vertical pumps through to large API 610 units and rotary lobe models capable of handling liquid sludge.

As well as contacting our team, our oil and gas catalogue can furthr guide you on the ideal pump for your pumping application

It’s not just about the products

At AxFlow we understand the importance of tests and documentation to the petrochemical and offshore sectors. We take this aspect of every project seriously from the start to ensure we can fulfil our commitments correctly and on time.

Offshore General Purpose Pumps

AxFlow have probably the widest choice of general purpose offshore transfer pumps in the Irish market.

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Offshore heating & cooling pumps

AxFlow Ireland are able to offer smaller pumps that comply with API 685 which are suitable for offshore heating and cooling circuits.

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Closed Drain Pumps

Closed drain pumps are very versatile and good for liquid sludge handling.

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