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Food Grade AODD Pumps

Hygienic AODD pumps designed and built with materials suitable for food production in mind


We have three main ranges of sanitary AOD pumps that cover all of the possible requirements of food and beverage production. AOD pumps are well suited as sanitary pumps as they offer a gentle pumping action, the ability to pump solids, can handle viscous products, are chemically resistant for CIP processes.

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FDA Approved: FDA Saniflo, HS Saniflo, BIOCOR

A-3 Approved: HS Saniflo, BIOCOR

EHEDG Compliant: HS Saniflo, BIOCOR

USP Certified: HS Saniflo, BIOCOR

EC 1935 Approved: HS Saniflo, BIOCOR




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