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Hygienic Rotary Lobe Pumps

Hygienic rotary lobe pumps are widely used in the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries to transfer fluids in an hygienic manner.

What makes a rotary lobe pump Hygienic? 

Hygienic rotary lobe pumps are positive displacement pumps that are commonly used in the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries to transfer fluids in a hygienic manner. These pumps are designed to meet the strict hygienic requirements of these industries and are made of materials that are easy to clean and sterilize. 

The basic principle of a hygienic rotary lobe pump is the transfer of fluids using two or more rotating lobes that are mounted inside a casing. The lobes rotate in opposite directions, which creates a suction force that draws the fluid into the pump, and then a discharge force that expels the fluid out of the pump. 

Hygienic rotary lobe pumps are highly efficient and reliable, with a flow rate that can range from 0.1 to over 1,000 cubic meters per hour, depending on the pump size and application. These pumps are also capable of generating high pressures, with a maximum pressure capability of up to 40 bar. 

One advantage of hygienic rotary lobe pumps is their ability to handle viscous fluids, with viscosity ranging from 1 to over 1,000,000 cP. They are also capable of handling solids, with a maximum solids size of up to 76 mm. 

Hygienic rotary lobe pumps are designed to be easily disassembled for cleaning and sterilization, and to minimize the risk of contamination. They are typically made of high-quality stainless steel and feature a smooth, polished finish that is easy to clean and sanitize. 

Advantages of Hygienic rotary lobe pumps 

Hygienic rotary lobe pumps offer several advantages over other types of pumps in Hygienic applications: 

  • Gentle pumping action: The rotary lobe pump design allows for a gentle pumping action that minimizes shear forces on the pumped material. This makes it ideal for pumping delicate products such as yogurt, creams, and viscous liquids with solids or fibers. 
  • Easy to clean: Hygienic rotary lobe pumps are designed for easy cleaning and maintenance. They have a simple, hygienic design with smooth surfaces that allow for thorough cleaning and sanitization. 
  • Versatile: Hygienic rotary lobe pumps are versatile and can handle a wide range of products, including low and high-viscosity liquids, as well as liquids with solids and fibers. 
  • Hygienic design: Hygienic rotary lobe pumps are designed with hygienic features such as O-rings and gaskets that are compliant with FDA and EHEDG standards, and they are made from materials that are suitable for use in food, beverage, and pharmaceutical applications. 

Industries and applications that use Hygienic rotary lobe pumps 

Hygienic rotary lobe pumps are essential components in industries where the hygienic processing of liquids is of utmost importance. These pumps are versatile and find their applications in several industries, including food and beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, chemical, biotechnology, dairy, and brewery industries. 

The food and beverage industry heavily relies on hygienic rotary lobe pumps for transferring viscous and non-viscous liquids, such as juices, sauces, creams, honey, chocolates, and more. Similarly, the pharmaceutical industry uses these pumps for transferring liquid or semi-solid materials such as syrups, ointments, creams, and gels. 

The cosmetics industry also utilizes hygienic rotary lobe pumps for transferring creams, lotions, and other personal care products. In the chemical industry, these pumps are used for transferring corrosive, abrasive, and viscous fluids, such as acids, alkalis and adhesives. 

The biotechnology industry relies on hygienic rotary lobe pumps for transferring cell cultures, vaccines, and other biologically active substances. In the dairy industry, these pumps are widely used for transferring milk, cream, and yogurt. Lastly, the brewery industry uses hygienic rotary lobe pumps for transferring beer and other alcoholic beverages. 

Important considerations when selecting Hygienic rotary lobe pumps 

Selecting the right hygienic rotary lobe pump for a particular application is crucial for ensuring efficient and hygienic processing. Here are some important considerations that must be looked at when selecting a hygienic rotary lobe pump: 

Material of construction: The material of construction is one of the most important factors to consider when selecting a hygienic rotary lobe pump. It is important to choose a material that is compatible with the fluid being pumped and can withstand the harsh chemical and physical conditions of the application. Stainless steel is a common material used in hygienic rotary lobe pumps, as it is durable, corrosion-resistant, and easy to clean. 

Flow rate and pressure requirements: The flow rate and pressure requirements of the application must be carefully considered when selecting a hygienic rotary lobe pump. It is important to choose a pump that can handle the desired flow rate and pressure without compromising the quality of the product or causing damage to the pump. 

The viscosity of the fluid: The viscosity of the fluid being pumped is another important factor to consider when selecting a hygienic rotary lobe pump. Higher viscosity fluids require pumps with larger pumping chambers and slower speeds to prevent damage to the pump and ensure efficient processing. 

Cleanability and ease of maintenance: Hygienic rotary lobe pumps must be designed for easy cleanability and maintenance to prevent the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms that can contaminate the product. Pumps with smooth surfaces, easily disassembled components, and simple cleaning procedures are preferred. 

Compliance with industry standards: It is important to select a hygienic rotary lobe pump that complies with industry standards, such as FDA and EHEDG, to ensure that the pump is suitable for hygienic processing and meets the necessary regulatory requirements.

Why buy Hygienic rotary lobe pumps from AxFlow? 

AxFlow provides hygienic rotary lobe pumps that cater to an extensive variety of industries and applications. Exclusive to AxFlow, you will be provided with personalized recommendations from highly experienced process engineers, and access to the most prominent process technology manufacturers that are independent of the manufacturer. If you require assistance in selecting the appropriate pumps that satisfy your requirements, feel free to contact AxFlow without any delay. AxFlow's engineers and specialists can help with the selection process, specifications, installation, and maintenance of your fluid handling equipment. 

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